EQ2 Supportive Materials

With every subscription comes a range of supportive materials to help build trauma-sensitive environments; including meditation bowl, wristbands, tattoos, and posters.

Meditation-Bowl (1)

The Bell – Each EQ2 kit comes with a mindfulness bell and striker to be used during the Bell Exercise as well as other mindfulness activities in EQ2. Easy to use and highly effective in helping focus attention, the Bell supports participants as they begin to develop their mindfulness practices. 

Wristbands – Three different bracelets reinforce key EQ2 skills and strategies. Use them creatively! Hand out bracelets when EQ2 participants reach a goal or report using an EQ2 skill with a youth.

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Tattoos_3 (1)

Tattoos – Fun, temporary tattoos reinforce key concepts from the EQ2 program such as breathing and mindfully underreacting. Give these gentle reminders out during staff meetings or crown someone as “Coach of the Day.”

Posters – The EQ2 Posters provide a dynamic and visually engaging tool for working with the EQ2 Program. Three posters serve as a visual reminder of the skills and concepts presented in the program.

Posters (1)