The EQ2 Online Facilitator Training

In order to support you in delivering EQ2, prior to each module facilitators participate in a brief online training. The EQ2 Online Training for Facilitators contains all of the information needed to facilitate the program, including:

  • Instructional videos from the EQ2 creators
  • Audio recordings of mindfulness exercises and visualizations
  • Separate section reviewing best practices in supervision, including ways to bring EQ2 into supervision
  • “Go To Guides” and additional supportive documents
  • A pre and post EQ2 survey tool to help facilitators tailor the EQ2 groups to meet participants’ needs and for participants to reflect on their growth during the course

Courses within the EQ2 Facilitator Training

The EQ2 Facilitator Training

The EQ2 Online Facilitator Training is a 6-Module online course that supports facilitators in the implementation of the EQ2 program with direct care staff, providing the necessary training and resources to lead effective and high-impact groups.

EQ2 Resources

This area of the Facilitator Training is set up as an easy to find repository for all the resources made available to you as a part of your EQ2 program, including: the PDF's from the EQ2 Facilitator Training Program for download or print; all of the recorded meditations from the EQ2 App; and all of the videos from the EQ2 App.

Becoming an Effective EQ2 Supervisor

In this portion of the EQ2 Training, we offer you tools, tips, and tricks to become the best supervisor you can be. Using what we call the Three E’s of Effective Supervision, Embody, Equip, and Engage, we'll provide a simple road map to take your supervisor game to the next level!

Interested in exploring what the
EQ2 Online Facilitator Training has to offer?

Once you've had a chance to explore the Introductory section of the EQ2 Online Facilitator Training, please feel free to reach out to with any questions about the course and/or to schedule a time to meet with our team.