EQ2 Online Facilitator Training

In order to support you in delivering EQ2, prior to each module, facilitators participate in a brief online training. The EQ2 Online Training for Facilitators, contains all of the information needed to facilitate the program including:

  • Spoken animated and instructional videos
  • Audio recordings of mindfulness exercises and visualizations
  • “Go To Guides” which include a wide range of supportive materials including supervision tips
  • A pre and post EQ2 survey tool to help facilitators tailor the EQ2 groups to meet participants’ needs and for participants to reflect on their growth during the course

This 6-Module online course supports facilitators in the implementation of the EQ2 program, providing the necessary training and support to lead effective and high-impact groups with staff.

The EQ2 Online Training for Facilitators also includes a variety of resources and “Go To” Guides that support group facilitation.

To see an example of how the train-the-trainer online learning portion of EQ2 works, The Lionheart Foundation is providing open access to the first section of the training called the Introduction to EQ2.

In order to get access to our online learning platform, you will need to set up a username and password. 
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