Lionheart Foundation Social Emotional Learning Programs SEL

08/02/16 0

The Lionheart Foundation offers social emotional learning programs for at risk youth and prisoners.

The Lionheart Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing social emotional learning programs SEL to incarcerated adults, highly at-risk youth and teen parents nationwide in order to significantly alter their life course.

Lionheart provides:
◾exceptional quality rehabilitative resources to be used directly by prisoners and at-risk adolescents;
◾resources and training for professionals who work with these populations in a prevention, rehabilitation and re-entry capacity; and
◾direct social emotional learning (SEL) programs for adults in prison; at-risk youth in juvenile institutions and public and private programs and schools; and at-risk teen parents in shelters, hospitals, social service agencies, schools and other community programs.

Lionheart also conducts public education on the need for transforming our nation’s prisons and juvenile institutions into places where nurturing emotional (re)habilitation, inspiring positive values, and imparting behavior patterns necessary for healthy functioning in our communities are primary goals.