International usage of Lionheart programs continues to expand … this time to India

02/09/19 0

Power Source in India:   Although not our focus, there continues to be enthusiasm for our resources internationally. Last week we received an email from a woman we have been in communication with in India. She wrote, “I just wanted to send you a quick note that we are getting ready to facilitate Power Source with the first group of 35 boys from the age of 16-18 in a juvenile home and a children’s home. There are those who were convicted for crimes and those who are street kids – abandoned or orphaned. We will be slowly translating these into Hindi and I feel like we will be able to adapt it to India. Please know that I am just deeply grateful to Lionheart for this gift to us and to the children of the world.

Learn more about the Power Source Program Here.

Purchase Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life (supporting highly at-risk youth).  Here.