Houses of Healing Program for Prisoners in Solitary

24/07/17 0

Lionheart’s Houses of Healing Self-study Course for Prisoners in Solitary Confinement to SHUs (Special Housing Units – another name for solitary), offers social-emotional programming to prisoners who need it most.   In solitary there is usually no programming and prisoners naturally degrade psychologically. Lionheart created this unprecedented 14-session program – The Houses of Healing Self-study Program for Prisoners in Solitary (HOH SSP)- that has been piloted in three supermax prisons in CA over the past year with great success. Approximately 450 men in solitary voluntarily registered, reflecting the enormous need and desire for support. Of the 160 prisoner evaluations returned thus far, 100% indicated that they would recommend the program to others. The vast majority indicated having a greater sense of hopefulness, gaining practical skills to manage the intense stress of solitary, and gaining insights that are helping them heal from both the trauma of solitary and what is usually a trauma-impacted early life.  Lionheart is in the process of seeking further funding to expand the program in other states.