Feedback from Trainings

Would you recommend this training program to others?

  • unanimous YES from 55 New Jersey DOC mental health professionals and 60 Wyoming DOC participants

Was the information presented relevant to your needs/expectations?

  • yes, very appropriate. excellent presentation
  • informative professionally and personally
  • Excellent! I wish this could have been a 2 day conference
  • Definitely!
  • extremely interesting, helpful, useful
  • exceeded expectations
  • very interesting and insightful about ourselves and others
  • Excellent perspective for personal growth.
  • Above my expectations

How will you use the principles taught in this program?

  • In groups. Much of the material helpful for work with individuals as well.
  • Perhaps not discrete Houses of Healing group – but certainly integrate into existing group/individual sessions.
  • Implement this model as well as integrate with other groups.
  • By reading the book and employing it in all aspects of life.
  • to address inmates in a psycho-educational group format
  • To teach maximum security inmates to deal with themselves
  • Initially I plan to incorporate many concepts into behavior mod & grief and loss classes
  • I plan to incorporate the overall theory and principles into improving treatment groups.

What was your general attitude toward the course upon completion?

  • excited about opportunity to provide better treatment to inmates
  • Appreciate Robin’s synthesis into concise, eloquent and understandable/presentable book.
  • The idea of forgiveness was a concept I had never considered while initially working in corrections, but what an important concept it is on so many levels i.e. the self, victim, perpetrator of crime, family of victims, etc.
  • Gives me some hope that there can be positive outcomes
  • Motivated and inspired. A new perspective to promote growth
  • Very pleased – better than I thought/would like more. Look forward to getting the training manual and reading the book.
  • Gratitude. All this good work was pulled together – and we can put it to use.
  • Very satisfied with the training. I felt that I was ready to be more open minded about life and its various aspects.

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