Register for the HOH Correspondence Course

For Volunteer Facilitators 

The One-on-One Houses of Healing (HOH) Correspondence Course.

Thank you for your interest in the One-on-One HOH Correspondence Course. Volunteers who facilitate the 13-session Houses of Healing Program, whether on-site or through correspondence, often play a pivotal role in helping incarcerated men and women turn a corner and truly alter the course of their lives.

To be matched with an inmate for the correspondence course, the following must first be completed:

1. You have registered for the Correspondence Course. To register click here.

2. You have purchased the texts for the training: The book Houses of Healing and the Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual.  (These can be purchased at a reduced rate $30 — includes S&H.) To purchase click here.

3. Lionheart receives your signed Facilitator Agreement. To sign and submit online click here. If you prefer to print and fill out the Facilitator Agreement and mail, fax, or email to us. [SEE BELOW].

4. You have paid the Correspondence Course matching fee ($20). To pay click here. (This fee covers the cost of the book Houses of Healing that will be mailed directly to the prisoner. It also covers a small portion of the “correspondence” postage fees. If you wish to facilitate the Correspondence Course but the matching fee is beyond your means, please contact the Lionheart Foundation at 781-444-6667.)

Weekly assignments and written material:

Rather than the facilitator having to determine what papers (course assignments) to send the participant for the 13 sessions, the Lionheart Foundation will provide a pdf file to facilitators with all the handouts. You are welcome to include supplemental printed material that relates to the course, but it isn’t necessary.  (This pdf and additional support/guidance will be sent to registrants who meet the criteria above in mid-January 2015. The first prisoner/volunteer matches will be made mid-January, 2015.)   It will be very helpful to The Lionheart Foundation if you register as early as possible so that we have a sense of how many volunteers will be available in January when we start to match volunteers with prisoners. (Please note: Volunteers are welcome to register throughout the year.)


The Facilitator Agreement:

For the safety of the volunteer facilitator and in keeping with the professionalism that is expected of prison volunteers, anyone interested in facilitating the One-on-One HOH Correspondence Course must agree to all aspects of the facilitator agreement. If you volunteer in a prison or jail there are specific rules/regulations that you would be expected to meet. For this Correspondence Course, these parameters are set by The Lionheart Foundation.

Click here to view and print a copy of the Facilitator Agreement.  To print the page, go up to File and choose Print. Then check off the boxes, sign and send.

By mail please send to:

Lionheart Foundation
PO Box 4145
Dedham, MA 02027

By FAX: 781-444-6855.  Or attach the volunteer agreement to an email:

THANK YOU AGAIN for your interest.