EQ2 Consulting Services

EQ2 Consulting Services 

We know that the one thing most staff in residential centers don’t have is a lot of free time. EQ2 was designed to be straightforward, and to require minimal investment from those individuals within your organization who will facilitate the program with staff.  Facilitators simply watch the material on the EQ2 Learning Management System, which consists of 4 short tutorials per module highlighting key themes and skills. and then run the group session. There’s no need for lots of prep work on the part of trainers. Tips and notes on how to best lead the session are written in the margin of the facilitators guide. 

While we have made every effort to design EQ2 to be easy to use, some organizations still desire some direct consulting as they are planning, beginning to implement EQ2, and in reflecting on their growth.  The following are some supports that are included with the EQ2 subscriptions, as well as some additional fee based services we offer. 


Supports that Accompany the EQ2 Annual Subscription

  •    If you have not yet purchased an annual subscription and would like to talk about what EQ2 can       do for you, please send us an email and we are happy to set up a time to talk.
  •   Each annual subscription comes with 2 – one hour support sessions by phone.
  •   The program also includes a pre and post assessment tool that can provide you with valuable information about the needs of your staff and the impact of the program. If you provide us with the completed forms, we can provide you with a summary report of your staff’s responses.   [all individual responses will be anonymous]


 Additional Fee Based Services Available

  • Educational Training:  As the awareness of the positive impact of social and emotional learning grows, many institutions are engaging in a learning and exploration process of how to integrate these practices into their organizational structures. If your organization would like to learn more about EQ2, the science behind our approach, and the effects of a ​mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral approach on the wellness ​and resiliency of staff in high stress roles, we offer fee based consultations and presentations.
  • Action Planning Design: If your organization needs help developing a plan that will ensure you are able to successfully implement EQ2 to create widespread change and promote its sustainability, we can help. Action planning includes steps, such as,  determining what your goals are (what change you want to see), how to introduce EQ2 to your agency and staff, how to identify change agents to serve as facilitators of the program, determining what supports they will need to be successful, ways to integrate EQ2 with other models or programs already within your facility,  and how to create buy-in within your staff.
  • Coaching for Facilitators: EQ2 is designed to be a comprehensive support for organizations to be able to build the social and emotional skills of their staff. The Facilitators’ Guide is a train-the-trainer resource and is accompanied by the EQ2 Learning Management System. If you feel that your team, especially those individuals who will serve as facilitators for EQ2, would benefit from more direct hands-on support, we offer fee-based coaching services.
  • Web-based Facilitation of an EQ2 Group: We are confident that the EQ2 program materials coupled with the expertise you already have will allow your organization to experience powerful reflection and learning of the social and emotional skills that are covered. At the same time, some organizations may prefer to have a Lionheart team member to facilitate the first EQ2 group (which takes place over 6 weeks). We offer a web-based facilitation, which includes a weekly debrief for the purpose of building your staff’s capacity to facilitate future sessions.
  • Data Driven Support: Most organizations know the importance of using data to drive their outcomes. As part of EQ2, we include both a Pre- and Post-Survey to help you to gather valuable information from your staff. You likely have a variety of other data sources that can also be used to inform how you support and build the social and emotional capacity of your workforce. Our data-driven support services are available to help you to reflect on the data you have to increase your team’s wellness and successfully use the skills presented in EQ2.

If your organization would like pricing information for our consulting services, or has needs that are not addressed by one of the fee based services discussed above, please complete our EQ2 Consulting Services Inquiry Form

If you have further questions, or would like to follow-up, feel free to contact us at EQ2@lionheart.org


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