Empowering Direct Care Staff

29/06/20 0

To build trauma-informed communities for trauma impacted youth.  EQ2 Lionheart’s newest program for direct care staff working with at-risk youth.

Using Circles, mindfulness-based practices, and cognitive-behavioral approaches, EQ2 supports staff working with trauma-impacted youth to:

  • Increase their own self-regulation skills to more effectively co-regulate with youth
  • Model and transmit effective social and emotional skills to youth
  • Build more attuned and reparative relationships with youth
  • Manage the stress and conflict that often arises between staff when working with high-need populations to build a trauma-sensitive environment
  • Increase staff understanding of trauma’s impact on youth’s behavior and development
  • Develop resiliency practices that help reduce burnout, secondary-traumatic stress, and turnovers

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