Zen Den Resources

Welcome! If you visited the Zen Den at the ACRC 2024 Conference and you are interested in any of the resources featured there, see below. Click on the "Download" link to access a PDF after which you can elect to download the file.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) Booklet


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Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Exercises


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Collection of Coloring Pages


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"Gimme a Sec" Playlists


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Feel free to listen to these meditations recorded by our Co-Clinical Director, Jess Linick, Ph.D.

Follow the instructions below to try out the EQ2 App.

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1. Download the app by clicking on one of the buttons
2. When prompted for an "Agency Code", enter: ACRC24
3. Enjoy! You can try the app for free until June 18th.


About Lionheart

The Lionheart Foundation, established in 1992, is a 501[c][3] nonprofit organization committed to developing and scaling high-impact, social-emotional learning (SEL) programs designed specifically for our target populations. These include:

  • EQ2 for direct care staff serving trauma-impacted youth populations
  • Power Source for at-risk youth in residential care, juvenile justice settings, and schools
  • Power Source Parenting for teen parents in group homes, shelters, and community programs
  • Houses of Healing for adults in prisons and jails

Learn more about our staff and youth programs below!

Lionheart's Youth Programs


An innovative staff training and support program that builds the essential and foundational social and emotional regulation skills required to deliver trauma-informed care, reduce burnout and turnover, and create relationships that help youth heal. 

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Power Source

A curriculum/program for highly at-risk youth to identify their strengths and take control over their lives, while increasing their understanding of the emotions and beliefs driving their high-risk and offending behavior.

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Power Source Parenting

Equips teen parents with social-emotional competencies and regulatory skills to become emotionally available and nurturing parents, and to raise their children in a healthy way.


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EQ2 for Direct Care Staff

We know that trauma-informed care depends on the presence of self-regulated adults. But stress, challenging youth behavior, and staffs’ own trauma histories can impact our capacity to show up in “a good way.”

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to EQ2, an interactive training and support program to help staff:

  • Build skills to de-escalate crisis
  • Develop resiliency practices that help reduce burnout, secondary-traumatic stress, and turnover
  • Build their self-regulation skills and understand their own triggers 
  • Model and build youths’ social and emotional skills 
  • Understand trauma’s impact on youth’s behavior and development
  • Reduce co-worker conflict
  • Create healing communities of support

Watch the EQ2 Overview Video

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Explore the Online Facilitator Training

The EQ2 Online Training for Facilitators contains all of the information needed to facilitate the program. To get a sense of the training, we offer open access to the Introductory section of the training.

Power Source for At Risk Youth

Power Source is an evidence-based program designed to empower at-risk youth with the social and emotional skills necessary to forge paths of healthy development and disengagement from high-risk and offending behaviors. Speaking directly to the needs of trauma-impacted youth, Power Source combines empirically backed, evidence-based interventions with real world language, concepts, and stories directly from system-involved youth and adults.

This widely embraced program helps youth:

  • Learn effective strategies for emotion regulation
  • Change negative core beliefs about themselves
  • Reduce engagement in high risk behavior, such as interpersonal violence
  • Heal from histories of trauma
  • Discover alternative coping strategies to substance use
  • Develop resilience and acquire the social and emotional skills associated with success in school, the workplace, and in the world at large

Power Source is listed on CrimeSolutions.gov, a repository of evidence based programs from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Additionally, Power Source is included in the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s (OJJDP’s) Model Program Guide.

Power Source Materials

Power Source Parenting for Teen Parents

Most teen parents share one thing in common — the desire to be great parents, the kind of loving and unconditionally supportive caretakers they may not have had. Power Source Parenting empowers youth to become exactly that.

Power Source Parenting is an innovative, trauma-informed program designed to provide adolescents with the knowledge and skills they need to grow into strong adults, become effective parents, and raise healthy children. What separates Power Source Parenting from other programs is the belief that self regulation lies at the heart of effective parenting and that you can’t teach your own children critical social and emotional skills without possessing them yourself.

The interactive, thirteen-session program addresses:

  • How to balance the competing needs of being a teen and being a parent
  • Managing challenging emotions
  • The importance of creating a healthy attachment to your baby
  • Using positive discipline practices
  • Establishing healthy relationships with partners
  • Finding common ground with the baby’s father
  • Three generational living
  • Understanding how high risk behavior impacts your ability to parent effectively
  • Becoming an emotion coach to your child