How You Can Help

1. Donate

What Lionheart Can Accomplish with Your Contribution

The following projects and numbers do not portray the thousands of lives that are changed through Lionheart’s programs. Like the young man who, “for fun”, threw rocks off overpasses on the LA Freeway until he was eventually locked up in a Juvenile Hall. No one could reach him. Not his desperate mother, nor the well-meaning staff. Power Source changed his life. He is now succeeding in a public high school and excelling on the football team. Or, the prisoner who dealt drugs and robbed banks who, now released, is employed full time, committed to his recovery and attributing his turn around to Houses of Healing.  And there is the teen mother who, as a matter of course, stole, did drugs, treated her child harshly and was generally neglectful.  Now, because of her involvement in a Power Source Parenting Program, she has given up her high-risk lifestyle and is bonding with her child in a loving way for the first time.  She is committed to being a great mom and role model for her baby girl.  Generous donor support is critical to continue Lionheart’s life-changing work.

Your contribution of:

  • $50 pays for 5 books to be given to one library or program serving prisoners, youth at risk or teen parents.
  • $150 pays for a professional review copy of the prison or youth books to be sent to 10 front-line professionals upon request. (10 different locations)
  • $500 will pay for Lionheart to introduce its resources to 15 new programs.  This involves identifying the program, contacting them, sending a review copy, and following up with an offer of free program support.
  • $1000 will pay for Lionheart’s Power Source Professional Training Video to be donated to five community programs, schools, or institutions to support effective delivery of the Power Source Program where trainings are otherwise not available.
  • $5000 will make a significant contribution to the further development of Lionheart’s emotional literacy curricula for youth and/or incarcerated adults.
  • $15,000 will pay for a half-time outreach coordinator for a year to identify programs in need and offer them program support. Without this, they would not have access to Lionheart’s life-changing resources. Thousands of programs nationwide have been supported through these outreach efforts.
  • $20,000 will pay for a printing of our youth or adult books that will then be donated or sold.  All profits from book sales are used to support our free distribution efforts.
  • $50,000 will support Lionheart’s ongoing research efforts to establish its programs as evidence-based.

Like any non-profit organization, Lionheart is always in need of operating support.  Your generous contribution will help us continue this critical work.

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Other Donation Information

  • Recurring gift – We welcome and receive recurring gifts through your credit card or bank accounts.  We are happy to assist you in any way to put this in place.
  • Corporate Matching Gifts
    • Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to find out whether they have a matching gift policy
    • If so, many companies will provide a form for the employee donor to send to the organization with the employee’s individual donation.
    • Lionheart would complete its section and verify the contribution with the company
  • Bequests or Gift Annuities are invaluable for Lionheart’s long term success. Lionheart’s counsel will be happy to assist you.

Lionheart is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization
Tax ID number is 04-3140337


2. Volunteer

Volunteers are often in demand at the Lionheart office to reach out to programs nationwide and introduce them to our programs and offer free resources.  Internet savvy and a pleasant telephone manner is all it takes. We also have a need for administrative and development support.
The Lionheart office is located in Dedham, Massachusetts.

To inquire about current volunteer opportunities, please contact us.


3. Introduction to Family Foundations

The mission of Lionheart can resonate with Family Foundations interested in providing services to the populations we serve. These foundations are a welcome source of funding.  If you know of a family foundation that you can introduce us to, we would be most grateful. Personal connections to family foundations are important to our success.


4. Outreach

Lionheart has had tremendous success with introducing our youth and adult programs to institutions, schools, and community programs across the country.  Our goal is to further identify programs and institutions not yet familiar with our work and introduce our resources to them. If you know professionals or programs working with our target populations and are willing to direct them to the Lionheart Foundation, we welcome your networking support.

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