A Special Thanks to Our Community of Volunteers!

At Lionheart we are deeply thankful for the support and generosity of volunteers and interns. They are an integral part of Lionheart’s ability to expand our impact and bring our trauma-informed programs and support to a growing number of organizations and individuals.    

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Some of Lionheart’s 2021 volunteers & interns

We are eternally grateful to the Boston Foundation for giving us access to capacity building organizations, including Resilia and Catchafire, to support our mission and growth. Over the last year, Lionheart has been gifted with many volunteers who have donated their time and talents to the development of our newly redesigned website, social media campaign, marketing and search engine optimization efforts, the design of the EQ2 App for frontline staff, and many other critical projects.

Daniel CarlsonZijie HuangEmilie Jaillot Mary McCall ⁕ 
Marco PortigliattiLaura ReidCharise Whitaker

A huge thanks also goes to our wonderful interns, all of whom were recruited from local and national universities. Representing a variety of educational institutions (including Boston College, Tufts University, Brown University, and the University of Maryland, and UMass Boston, to name a few), our undergraduate and graduate interns continue to show immense passion toward Lionheart’s mission. This year our interns collaborated to support Lionheart’s rebranding and newly launched social media campaign by doing extensive research, design, and outreach. 

Aaron Apostadero ⁕ Gisela Castillas ⁕ Alyssa GutierrezAlice Hilton
Nathalia HaubertKayla McKeon ⁕  Simon PerryAlicia Persaud ⁕ 
Isabella SkopetskiAshley SpearsEmilee WitowskiSasha Wong ⁕ 

We’re looking forward to working with new volunteers and interns in the new year!

 ⁕ Ilhaam Lakhani  ⁕ Maddie Marcucci  ⁕ Traci SchmidtMcKenzie Templeton ⁕ 

Learn more about becoming a volunteer here.

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