A Powerful New Resource for Direct Care Staff Working with At-Risk Youth

24/06/20 0

Reduce Burnout and Increase Staff Resilience

Build Staff Regulation and Relationship Skills

Create Trauma Responsive Communities for Youth and Staff

For over 20 years, The Lionheart Foundation has developed evidence-based social and emotional learning programs for some of our country’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.
Our newest program, EQ2, reflects what we’ve learned from decades of research and clinical work: in order to effectively help youth heal, we need to support the people who care for them.
EQ2 has been uniquely designed to build a trauma-informed community by addressing the social and emotional needs of direct care staff. EQ2 empowers staff to learn and practice the self-regulation skills and competencies needed to create reparative relationships with youth and with fellow staff.
Click Here to read additional information about EQ2. And please, feel free to reach out to us if we can answer any questions.   The Lionheart Foundation.   781-444-6667.