The Power Source Workbook


Simple to deliver,

Fast to learn,

Easy to use, and 

Highly engaging to youth.

“The Power Source Workbook is an amazing tool designed to build skills and competencies in all young people but especially those impacted by trauma or identified as being “at-risk.” Every public, private, or charter school would benefit by integrating or adopting this as part of their SEL curriculum.” John Hudson, Ed.M., Former HS Principal, School District Dropout Prevention Supervisor

Lionheart’s Newest Resource: The Power Source Workbook provides educators, clinicians and youth workers with a skill-based, ready-to-use program that requires minimal preparation or additional training. The Power Source Workbook blends reading from the Power Source book with proven change-promoting exercises and approaches. Intended for each participant to keep his or her own copy. Can be used individually or in groups.

The Power Source book and workbook build youths’ capacity to:

  • Develop a cohesive and healthy sense of self and future orientation in the wake of trauma;
  • Recognize the emotional, social, and situational factors that lead to risk-taking and develop health-promoting behaviors in their place;
  • Increase interpersonal skills including managing conflict, repairing relationships, taking responsibility for one’s actions, self-advocacy, and seeking help;
  • Acquire the Social and Emotional skills associated with workplace readiness success;
  • Select positive peers and acquire the skills to maintain those relationships;
  • Identify individual and situational factors leading to substance use and learn alternative coping strategies;
  • Build skills to tolerate and manage distressing emotions such as anger, disrespect, shame, and fear.

Below is a sample workbook page that has been annotated to highlight key elements of the Power Source Workbook. To view additional annotated worksheets for the Power Source Workbook, click here.

The Power Source Workbook can be used by adolescents in:

  • High schools serving trauma-impacted youth engaging in health-risk behaviors;
  • Secure and non-secure detention centers;
  • Diversion and alternative to incarceration programs;
  • Residential treatment centers and facilities;
  • After school and community-based programs.

The Power Source Workbook is designed to be used:

  • in group settings (open and closed groups);
  • one-to-one (with a staff/facilitator and a youth);
  • by youth working individually

The Power Source Workbook is a flexibly administered curriculum that includes:

  • highly engaging worksheets
  • bibliotherapy
  • mindfulness skills
  • reflective discussions, and
  • restorative justice circles.

It functions equally well as a stand-alone, social-emotional course or as an adjunct to substance abuse, anger management, offender, and gang reduction programs.  The Power Source Workbook can be used sequentially (starting at the beginning and moving through the material to the end) or in an a la carte manner, selecting the most relevant topics for use with a group or an individual.

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