About the Book Power Source

About the book… POWER SOURCE: Taking Charge of Your Life

Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life is a practical, accessible, and innovative book/curriculum designed to help highly at-risk youth identify their strengths and take control over their lives, while increasing their understanding of the emotions and beliefs driving their high-risk and offending behavior. It has been distributed to more than 3500 programs across the United States.

Topics include: techniques and strategies for impulse control, anger-management, stress reduction and conflict resolution; high-risk behavior such as substance abuse, criminal activity, and gang involvement; childhood abuse and neglect and the resulting feelings of shame, grief, anger and loss; and the development of a cohesive sense of self with a positive future orientation.

Power Source can be read individually or used in facilitator-led groups. The material is appropriate for virtually any organization serving the needs of highly at-risk adolescents, including juvenile institutions, detention centers, drug treatment programs, private and public schools, and a variety of community-based programs.

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