Pre-publication endorsements for Power Source

This book is a priceless gift for all young people and the adults who care about them. It is clear, concise, fully relevant and accessible. It contains a wealth of practical advice along with meaningful exercises to help youth better face the significant emotional and social challenges of our era.
Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D., author of Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers and Counselors Can Help ‘Bad Boys’ Become Good Men

Power Source is a book that is a must read. This book is not just to help those who are in custody, who have every reason to feel hopeless, to feel angry, to feel unwanted; but it can teach us all something about ourselves. We can learn and share the wisdom, insight, and healing in this wonderful book. Read it!
Geoffrey Canada, President/CEO, Harlem Children’s Zone and author of Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America and Reaching Up For Manhood

Power Source is a straightforward guide to personal empowerment for highly at-risk youth. [It] helps youth to understand the complex reasons for their current situation and how to turn negative experiences into positive ones. . Power Source is filled with practical steps to take responsibility for one’s actions and commence the process of change. I am sure many juvenile correctional programs will want to implement this curriculum.
Edward J. Loughran, Executive Director, Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators and Former Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Youth Services

Filled with the voices and wisdom of countless young people and the thoughtful advice of caring adults, Power Source is a refreshingly honest exploration of some of the toughest situations many teens face and realistic strategies for dealing with them.
Karen J. Pitman, President and Executive Director, The Forum for Youth Investment

With more and more kids in deep trouble in America we need this book more than ever…
James Garbarino, Ph.D., Cornell University, author of Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them

Power Source is extremely thoughtful and comprehensive handbook that should be very useful in helping to reduce the incidence of both violent and self-destructive behavior by teenagers and young adults. I highly recommend it…
James Gilligan, M.D., Harvard Medical School, author of Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic and Preventing Violence


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