Power Source Table of Contents

POWER SOURCE: Taking Charge of Your Life

by Bethany Casarjian and Robin Casarjian

Table of Contents


You and This Book

1. Risk-Taking: Life on the Edge
2. So Who Are You, Anyway?
3. Anger: Dealing with It (Even if You Don’t Feel Like It)
4. Relaxation: Finding Peace When the World Feels Crazy
5. Families: Where We Come From
6. Drugs and Alcohol
7. Lost Childhood
8. Shame and Disrespect: The Silent Killers
9. Grief and Loss
10. Our Friends, Our Choice
11. Offending Behavior: Taking Responsibility – Taking Control
12. Self-Forgiveness 13. Forgiving Others: Get the Monkey off Your Back
14. Meditation: It’s Not What You Think
15. Spirituality
16. The Future – What’s in It for You?

The List – Hotlines for Help


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